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You are just amazing & you helped me to clear and release so much! The transformation was amazing. I am continuing to feel great and so much lighter. Thank you so much, Mariann. What a gift. I am deeply appreciative for you and for the Bars healing session. Wow. I am really looking forward to your class next Saturday! Yay! Hope you are having a great evening.


I feel lighter and more awareness too. It was an incredible session thank you so very much! I am follow my Dr. Marianns orders:) with the affirmation questions too. It was a joy to meet Joyce, how interesting how pahts cross and intersect.

Much Much love.

"I don't have the giggles or the feeling of childlike behavior, BUT, I feel great! Depression gone, loneliness gone, and I can't even access what those feeling are like! Unbelievable."....
...."I can't wait to be able to take your class, mostly for getting more sessions!"

- Laura

"My experience with accessing consciousness was truly enlightening and an awakening feeling. I was able to release negative experiences and feelings I had been carrying around since I was a child.

After releasing all the negativity I felt rejuvenated, not a thought regarding my experiences/feelings. I just wanted to run and smile for all to see. I looked in the mirror and my image was glowing and I looked younger. My husband noticed the glow and the change in my attitude towards negative thoughts.

Everyday is now brighter and a joy to experience. Thank you, Mariann."

- Carmen

"I’ve experienced/practiced many different healing modalities and energy systems. Access Consciousness was unlike anything I’d felt before. The energy was soothing and familiar, yet intensely powerful. After my first session I was much lighter, free flowing and more willing to receive life than ever before. I’m ecstatic to learn and share this beautiful gift with the world!"

- Maggie

"I’ve had 3 healing sessions with the wonderful Mariann, each and every one of them have been incredible. These were sessions I choose to do myself and each session targeted my own personal challenges that I wanted to eliminate from my energy. These were issues from my childhood, reoccurring infections and breaking away from a bad relationship.

After the sessions the body feels overwhelmingly tired, its all part of the body healing. Drinking plenty of water and getting the necessary rest helps the body to recover within a day or less. I feel comfortable and relaxed in Shekina's hands.

I left the sessions feeling cleansed, full of light and ready to move onto the next chapter of my life.  

I cannot recommend healing with Mariann enough"

- Lucy

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